Company was founded in 2007 by Josh Lewis. On October 1, 2007 came our first post. It was about Aston Martin potentially being the next Porsche.

Original Logo from October, 2007 – February, 2011

Since that time we have grown to tens of thousands of visitors who respect our work and expect the level of dedication that we continue to give them. While we appreciate our humble beginnings, we look forward to a new future with each new day. We started with a different understanding and intend to continue our deviation from the regular automotive websites out there. We don’t just post news, fluff pieces, and especially not a picture and three words. No, we provoke your mind into seeing a different side of the car world. Our writers make us The Connection Between Man And Machine.

New Logo as of February 21, 2011
Current and final logo as of January, 2012, as seen in header

But what does RawAutos mean? Is it some street racing term? Absolutely not. And this is something we get asked about often. RawAutos is that raw connection between you and your automobile. The belief that it can’t move without you and vice versa. A special bond, so to speak. We feel as though there is always a living being inside every car, and each one has a different personality and temperament. It’s up to you to maintain and control all of that.

Josh Lewis, the owner, and founder has been a car guy all his life. He grew up around classic and current model Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Mercedes-Benz SLs, etc. While he was young, he wanted nothing more than a Corvette. His father often tried to buy a Dodge Viper, numerous Ferraris, and Acura NSXs to try and have something different. But Josh’s message was, “No, if you don’t have a Corvette in the garage, you’re just being a traitor.” A little off the wall and close minded we think. But that was him. Now, though, he’s branched out. No longer the Corvette crazed fan he once was, Josh has owned, up until now, a 1996 BMW 328iS, 2005 Chevrolet Equinox, 2005 BMW 330i ZSP sedan, 2007 Mazda CX-7, 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6, 2008 Ford Bullitt Mustang and also a 2005 MINI Cooper S. Currently our own king of cool can be seen driving slowly in his 2009 BMW M3 sedan (E90).

So you know he’s versatile…

After leaving college in early 2007, Josh wanted to do something truly valuable with his life, so he went and became a car salesman! He sold new Mazdas and Kias, as well as pretty much any other car you can think of used. After starting RawAutos later that year, Josh was being optioned as a new and used car BMW sales specialist for a dealership in Wilmington, NC. But even though he realized he loved BMWs and enjoyed selling cars, he wanted something different. So he quit selling cars and started working on the website you see today as his full-time job. Aren’t we all glad he did? Whoever just said no, take a hike.

On July 29, 2009, Josh became a certified Tier Level 3 test driver through Ford Motor Company, a truly great honor for him and for Ford. So when testing cars, he strives for consistent and safely obtained accuracy. His writing style is unique and Josh has been called the Howard Stern of automotive writing. Is that a good thing? The rest of us here at RawAutos seem to think so.

RawAutos will always pursue the honest truth. If a car company makes a great car, we’ll call it that. If it needs work, then we won’t be afraid to say so. When you go to buy your next car, know that we’re always here to help you out. Even if you don’t see the vehicle you’re looking for on our site, contact us, and we’ll help you out in any way we can.

To all of our loyal readers, supporters and fans, we appreciate everything you’ve done to help make us one of the top 2% of ranked websites in the world. It’s because of you that we’re here and going stronger than ever. And we also need to take the time to thank the people who hate on us, too. If it weren’t for your encouraging, disparaging, and threatening comments and e-mail, we wouldn’t have had the heart to continue to piss you off. So thanks again for visiting, and we hope you stick around to help us become the best out there.

As a disclaimer: RawAutos is in no way endorsed or compensated by any car company whose cars we report about or review. While the car companies send us their cars, they do not pay any of us to review them. Occasional perks, such as being flown to official press launches for cars or auto shows, where we may accept the following items, but not limited to, food, drinks, t-shirts, gear, etc. without it being seen as a bribe, but as a thank you for coming. At no point will RawAutos accept bribes from car companies or any company to promote their product without us telling you about it first.

About some of the staff:

Josh Lewis – Editor-in-chief

Without me, none of this would be possible. I mean, let’s be real here. Okay, taking my head out of my ass for a second, I’m not just into cars; I’m into anything that moves, has a motor, and is engineered. This means watches, boats, planes, motorcycles, trains, and cars, too. But I also have a fond and nerdy love for comic books, as you can see from my Captain America ab t-shirt. Being a self-diagnosed Top Gear UK addict, you know I love all things Stig. In October of 2012 I realized my fatness was funny, but not healthy. So I joined a CrossFit gym and started training in Olympic Lifting (clean and jerk & snatch lifts), and that’s become an obsession over the past few years now. (However, I don’t feel the need to advertise it like some.) I grew up being in love with Science, and then I started playing guitar, attending a Jazz music school for a little while after I took time off of normal college. Blues, R&B, and Soul have been my biggest musical passions and influences, but I’m a lover of all styles, really. Randomly, I have a love for politics, also. The art of debate, discussion, and policy making is very intriguing to me, and maybe one day I’ll run for local office. Currently I’m writing and planning out shoots for a couple of short film ideas I have, as well as trying to finish up a couple of book ideas (finally), and hopefully, at some point, write a play about my awkward and hysterical dating life. Photography and videography have become a recent passion of mine.

Corey Privette – Photographer-in-chief


Ah, our little spark plug. Corey has been with RawAutos for nearly as long as we’ve been around. Mainly helping with photography and bettering my shooting (camera shooting, that is), she’s been a powerful and much appreciated member of the website. You can see her work all over. Some photos are hers, some are mine. But working together over the years has been good and helpful, especially since I’m lazy and have a harder time getting moving. Notice in her picture she’s adventuring out and trying to find the right place to shoot from. I think some of the funniest moments I’ll ever remember are having to bring step ladders on shoots so she could get the right shot. Dedication, at a shorter height.