If your vehicle is about to completely break down for the final time or you, quite simply, want to upgrade your car for a specific model you have had your eye on – financing your vehicle is ,once again, becoming a viable option.

Over the last few years there has been a tarred brush over the word ‘finance’ and reluctant people in need of a new vehicle have stayed away. However, the reasons below show why there is now a brewing optimism in the vehicle financing world.

Confidence in the market

The global car market appears to be on the up. There were recently published figures showing that American car manufacturing is hitting pre-recession levels (2007) of 16 million sales a year, the motor vehicle market is growing. While closer to home the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) has shown that car sales in Namibia increased considerably in July, suggest the market is on the up. The same organisation has shown that luxury car sales are on the up in South Africa too. For example, there were 506 Porsche’s sold in South Africa in 2009. This has tripled in recent years; 1,416 were sold in 2012.

There are competitive finance rates with longer term promises coming to the market. More specifically with online financial companies as there are less overheads to pay for. For example, with Carfin motor vehicle finance there is an online calculator that can instantly decide the best payment option and the freedom to choose a payment scheme for up to 60 months that won’t change.

Quick and easy

With stronger confidence in the market it has allowed financial companies, such as Carfin motor vehicle finance to attract more customers and give quotes and acceptance to future customers in quick time. By choosing a financial package that suits, it provides a convenient option when the demand of needing a car is out of reach.

Ownership of the vehicle

A stronger commitment than leasing a vehicle; after the agreed financial period comes to an end you will own your vehicle, having attained an expensive asset at the longest possible period of five years.

Dream car

With this extra flexibility there is also a chance that your dream car could become a reality. With Carfin and it’s, up to, 60 months payment plan as long as you can afford it, the car of your dreams could be fully paid up within five years – a tantalising prospect.

Credit rating

Thanks to affordable and long term packages in gaining finance it will also allow for a chequered credit history or none at all to build up into something more reputable.  By purchasing an affordable vehicle with realistic financial repayments there is more than the benefit of owning a vehicle that comes from finance.

Through clever online research there is the potential to find the correct deal, like Carfin motor vehicle finance, that could have you reaching for the new set of keys to day and reaping the benefits.

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