Dax Shephard is no stranger to automobiles. He’s also married to Kristin Bell. In fact, he’s quite a big car guy. If you’ve seen the movie “Hit and Run”, you’d enjoy knowing that the cars supplied for the film are from Dax’s personal collection. And if you didn’t know, Mr. Shephard also used to work in the auto industry, delivering cars to journalists. Pretty cool.

Anyway, he’s a big car nut and racer. He races a Suzuki GSXR 1000 around various race tracks all over the country.

Recently, though, he got the opportunity to race a new Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo in the one-off racing series. Oh, and Lamborghini made a video about this, because it’s excellent PR.

Dax Shephard’s big love for Lamborghinis started when a man in his neighborhood bought a Countach 5000S, and he used to sit at the end of the guy’s driveway staring at it. Luckily for Dax, his mom married the guy years later… to which he got to go around in the Countach.

He equates driving a Lamborghini on a race track to jumping straight from your high school sweetheart to Salma Hayek in the bedroom. Yep, I’d say that accurately describes it.

Dax Shephard, first time Super Trofeo racer, ended up taking 3rd place on the podium at the series race in Lime Rock Park. Now that’s some pretty good skill, sir.

[Source: Autoblog via Lamborghini]