The main highlights of new Hyundai Verna (Hyundai Accent most other places) that makes this dazzling car a wonderful and proficient choice, are as follow:

  • extraordinary and high-speed engine
  • great mileage
  • provides respectable value for the invested money
  • Well set and flawlessly featured
  • Superior, adorable and striking looks
  • pleasing ride experience
  • Hyundai dealership experience
  • Fabulously featured and eye-catching interiors
  • Bubbly and vivacious exteriors
  • Good resale value
  • Advanced handling
  • secure and competent performance
  • Spacious
  • immense flexibility
  • ample boot space
  • ample cabin space
  • lithe and adept engine
  • stylish and brilliant design
  • Efficient results and mechanical compatibility with diesel engine
  • 2 petrol, 2 diesel refined engines
  • Good suspension
  • Long list of attractive features
  • Futuristic, advanced and contemporary interiors
  • Well priced
  • Immense range of variants, to meet everyone’s need
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Luxury car

Hyundai has recently launched its most recent iteration of the Verna. This latest high tech cars, comes with a number of upgrades and it is indeed one of the finest looking cars, available in the entire mid sized sedan sector. With fantastic looks, Verna is also a featured packed vehicle. The flowing lines on the body of the car and excellent headlamps, offer quite a distinct personality to the car. Verna is well equipped with perfectly designed interiors, with the use of excellent quality plastic and dual-tone dashboard. The car has extremely comfy seats designed with leather upholstery to offer great comfort to the passengers as well as to the driver by offering great under thigh and back support.

The car is featured with several functional components, placed on the dash that makes it look extremely sophisticated. It also sports instant FE, and MID that displays the external temp., etc. The car comes with an integrated stereo audio device that delivers great quality sound. Verna supports electronic, mechanical climate influencing system with twelve adjustments. The car offers sufficient internal space with boot area of 460 litres and a glove box. Vern brings 4 engine choices for its users, two petrol and two diesels. Verna has a smooth tuned suspension quality and it enables the vehicle to move smoothly over bad roads and bumps, without any compromise in the comfort of the passengers. It delivers excellent ride experience in urban areas.

The car is completely packed with features to its very core. Verna offers superior ergonomics and qualities along with decent fuel economy. Verna is featured with almost nonstop engine and gearbox choices. The price at which, you can bring your Verna home, ranges from 7.10 lakhs to 9.80 lakhs in showrooms (around 12,000-16,000 USD). So, if you are looking for a car that can offer great value for your money, then Hyundai’s Verna is an ideal option for you! From excellent comfort to stunning looks and from speedy engine to safe performance, Verna has a lot to offer.