Ever wonder why you need winter tires on a front or all-wheel drive car when, well, it’s supposed to be able to go through anything because of the drive type? Okay, follow me for a second before I show you two videos to prove why every car should be required to have winter tires on it during the cold season.

Sports cars can be driven year ’round, and this is evident by the amount of 911s, M3s, AMGs, etc. that drive around during the wintery stuff each year up north. Why? Because those guys know how to drive their cars in bad weather, and most of them have a winter setup, i.e. tires and wheels specifically meant to be used in the cold seasons each year.

What you’re about to see are two videos of an E46 BMW M3 (a rear-wheel drive sports car) with a set of winter tires on it in, you guessed it, the winter time with snow and ice on the ground. In the first video you’ll see it up against a rear-wheel drive BMW 118d manual transmission with summer tires, then a front-wheel drive Ford Ka with summer tires, the 118d again with a hatch full of people to see if it gains more traction, and finally a front-wheel drive Volkswagen Passat with a manual and, once again, summer tires.

In the second video you’re going to notice the same E46 BMW M3 still with its winter tires, versus a Subaru Forester with all-wheel drive and summer tires. You still think AWD is great regardless? Just watch…

Race 1:

Race 2:

Still think you don’t need winter tires? Drive safely out there.

[Source: Tyre Reviews via YouTube]