By now most, if not all of you, have heard of the DRIVE network. Co-founded by JF Musial, the former producer of Fast Lane Daily, a whiz with any camera that has a record button, and one hell of an automotive business man. You’ll also know JF’s work from owning Tangent Vector, basically the greatest high-def way an automaker can show of their cars. Tangent Vector were also the official camera crew for Porsche when they launched the 918 Hybrid super car, as well as teaser footage of the new 991 911 before it was launched, amongst other things.

Now some of you will also know that Chris Harris, a former bad ass journalist for Autocar and Evo, moved over to DRIVE when they first launched. Some of you will know that Chris was supposedly forever banned from anything Ferrari by the company for writing a damaging article accusing the car maker of stacking the deck in their favor when journalists did performance tests and comparisons with their cars. You can read that here.

However, somehow DRIVE and Harris were both able to review a new Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder, and what ensues is, well, nothing short of phenomenal hoonage for any real car nut.

So, for now I’ll bid you adieu and tell you you’ll enjoy the next nearly 6 minutes of your otherwise dull day.