Recently we had the 2012 Lotus Evora S for a week. For two days of that week we went to the mountains of North Carolina to give it a proper ringing out. Here’s that video.

It should be noted that the Evora S is the first real video review I’ve tried to do, so please realize that each review will get better. But still feel free to criticize.

A big thank you goes to Fernando Cruz, of FCX Photography, for taking such provocative and beautiful shots of the 2012 Lotus Evora S in his makeshift garage studio he made for this car.

2012 Lotus Evora S MSRP: $77,600

Price with options: $89,745


Engine: Supercharged 3.5-liter DOHC V6

Horsepower: 345 @ 7000 rpm

Torque: 295 @ 4500 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Curb Weight: 3,168 lbs.

0 – 60 mph: 4.3 seconds

Max Speed: 178 mph

Fuel Economy: 17 City/26 Highway

Options list:

6-Speed Manual Transmission Standard

Premium Package – Sport – $3,250

Sport Package Standard

Technology Package – $3,100

Reversing Camera – $550

Gunmetal Forged Design Wheels – $2,750

Metallic Paint – $1,200

Destination Charge – $1,295

The Good: Performance; Exotic-ness; People think it’s a spaceship; No one can hate you driving it; Comfort on the highway is better than you’d imagine; There’s plenty of power in 6th gear; People think you spent near-200 grand for a $90,000 car.
The Bad: Sat-nav screen is too dim during the day with no adjustment; iPod connectivity is a breeze, but it’s hard to know what to push when trying to change artists, playlists, etc.; Obsessive compulsive button pushing.
The Ugly: The executive who’s above you will probably fire you for believing your Lotus cost you more than his Ferrari.
The Truth: If you’re looking for performance for the dollar, look away, my friend. This car is meant for the guy who enjoys what really matters: driving pleasure with good bits of comfort added in. You learn to care less about cup holders, gizmos and gadgets, and just enjoy the sound of the motor, feel of the transmission and clutch, and that perfect launch off the line every time. In the end, it’ll probably be the greatest car you ever drive and possibly own. Get it now before the Lotus Evora S actually costs $250,000 at Mecum or Barrett-Jackson.