Cars often are the targets of high criticism when they are released on the market; automobile experts are indeed quite parsimonious when writing their reviews. Even though the 2012 Chevrolet Equinox did not escape this usual process, the reviews it has gotten up to this day are impressive: it ranks second for “Best car” in its category!

A Widespread Impression of Reliability

After having analysed the results of no less than 31 Equinox reviews and test-drives, U.S. News ranked this Chevrolet vehicle second best car in the Affordable Compact SUVs category. Despite the mitigated reactions it produced with regards to its cargo space and power performance, most of the car’s components apparently have everything to please reviewers… and consumers!

To begin with, its safety was acclaimed like that of top vehicles. Not only did it receive four out of five stars from the American federal government, but it also was chosen by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a Top Safety Pick based upon its perfect scores in all four IIHS’ tests (front, side, rear, and roof strength).

The 2012 Equinox’s interior aspect also astonished a bunch of commentators. U.S. News said the Equinox “outshines most of its competitors” while Edmunds found it “fully competitive, with plenty of standard features and some nice upgrades like a hard-drive-based navigation system”.

Another strong point of this year’s Equinox lies in its fuel efficiency. Consuming as little as 6.1 litres per 100 kilometres on the road (1.61 gallons per 62 miles), this Chevy car achieves great standards for a sports utility vehicle. Even if some reviewers put this good result against the backdrop of the Equinox’s acceptable – but not incredible – driving experience, one fact remains: the Equinox has the power to cut gas expenses significantly.

Other Pros

Besides its great safety, shining interior and impressive fuel efficiency, the 2012 Equinox also bewildered many commentators with the quietness of its cabin. According to the Consumer Guide, “wind noise is virtually non-existent” and both available engines “are silent while cruising”. Reviewers also noted the exceptionally spacious second row which makes the experience of rear passengers very comfortable.

All in all, the 2012 Chevrolet Equinox clearly deserves its spot among the best affordable compact SUVs of the year. The Equinox also happens to be quite reasonably priced, starting at US $23,530. It will not be a surprise, then, if tons of SUV lovers seriously consider this Chevrolet option in their next quest for a dream car!

About the author:

Alexandre Duval is a freelance blogger who is also currently completing his master’s degree in political science at the University of Quebec in Montreal.