Jerry Seinfeld, ever the consummate car guy. He said no to hosting Top Gear USA -with good reason, and I respect him more for saying no- but he lives and breathes cars like not many other famous people in this world. He’s an avid manual transmission guy… thank God! He loves Porsches, and has one of the largest collections in the world.

Seinfeld is now back with a new Internet-only show on Sony’s called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. And, if I’m honest, it’s damn brilliant. It’s not so much about cars as it is about the relationships we have with cars these days: We get in them to go hang out with friends, get food, or because we really enjoy traffic. Well, not so much the last bit. But that’s what we do now.

The first episode features long-time comedy legend and friend, Larry David. If you’re a fan of the show Seinfeld, or Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’ll understand why this is such a great thing to have on film for generations to come. Basically, it’s a pretty simple thing of two friends hanging out, except their in a beautifully restored 1952 Volkswagen Beetle. Jerry explains to us that it has only 25 hp and is a split window, because VW couldn’t afford to make one bigger piece of rear glass, so they made two smaller ones.

As a big fan of comedy, especially of Jerry Seinfeld’s (I once got to ask him about his love of Porsches at the end of one of his shows I saw when I was 15), and an obvious car nut, I love everything about this. It’s everything I wish the encounters with my closest friends in the press cars I get to drive were like. Instead all I hear is, “Eww, why didn’t you turn this thing down?” Or, “Dude, this is so sick!” So no real gems in the commentary I get from the true professionals I hang around. Maybe I need to get funnier friends? I’ll be holding auditions this fall, so go and apply in the Contact Us area.

Until the next time we meet, go over and watch this brilliant piece of motoring and comedy bliss of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David with your own eyes.

[Source: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee]