Fisker, like the car company or not, it was created by one of the more talented and accomplished car designers we’ve seen in our modern day. Sure, we can all argue over whether we like what Chris Bangle and Adrian Von Hooydonk have done at BMW (RawAutos does), whether or not the Corvette is a design copy of a Ferrari (it’s plausible), or if the Nissan Juke is stylish, or blindness. One thing we’ll never argue over, though, is that the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage, Ford Shelby GR-1 concept, along with his own Fisker Karma and Atlantic, are some of the most beautiful cars ever designed. He also designed the Artega GT mid-engine super car.

So you could say that the entire portfolio of Henrik Fisker is exceptional, and beyond anyone’s wildest fantasies of successful cars to have created.

And say what you’d like about Fisker Automotive, or any of their issues. But Henrik Fisker himself is a real car guy.

Take a look at his speech at TED talk at Chapman University. He gives some inspiring advice that we can all admire, and then draws a car freehand on stage. The car he draws is possibly an outline for his actual sports coupe he intends to sell us from Fisker Automotive.

Source: TED via YouTube