Let’s be honest, we all hate extra weight. No one likes it around their mid-section, and none of us really enjoy it in our sports cars. However, with that dislike comes some sort of pleasure knowing that the lives of two people and a dog were potentially saved by the added safety technologies that create so much weight on the new F10 BMW M5.

A 60-year-old unnamed driver of this brand new M5 was traveling at a high rate of speed when he supposedly braked for a car that was joining the section of Autobahn he was driving on. It happened on A81 between Tuningen and Villingen-Schwenningen in Germany. There was a 20-year-old passenger and a German Shepherd on board the car. All three were severely injured and taken to the hospital. I’ve yet to find a report on their health at this point. The accident occurred late Tuesday night and shut that section of the highway down for a few hours.

While I don’t know for certain how fast the BMW M5 was traveling moments before the driver lost control, it’s pretty obvious that he was up near 200 mph. If you look at the way the car rolled and crushed the roof, trunk, and shattered every window, you notice that it wasn’t a simple crash. God, just looking at it gives me the chills. I hope the two people and the dog in the car all survive, and if they do, we can attribute quite a bit of it to the technology that now weighs down our super sports cars.

As you can see from the above photo, one headlight is still working, surprisingly, and the rear passenger wheel and suspension have been ripped right from the vehicle. Another thing that strikes me a little odd is that there’s an E63 BMW M6 and an E92 M3 all on the scene of the crash the morning after. Were representatives from BMW there to collect crash data from the vehicle’s computer systems? Or maybe the driver has some friends with BMWs? Either wouldn’t surprise me, however it would be odd that anyone from BMW would show up in two M cars. Typically you might see a 5-Series touring, or maybe an X5 of some sort. But then again, stranger things have happened. Maybe the three cars were traveling together as part of some sort of driving fun? I doubt I’ll find out any time soon.

Again, I hope everyone in the crash survives. The fact that they initially survived is amazing to me, given the hellacious appearance of all the M5 in the photos.

*UPDATE* So according to new reports, the BMW M5 in question was traveling around 186 mph (300 km/h), and the M6 and M3 were the cars of his sons that were following him. The F10 BMW M5 tried to avoid a car coming on to the motorway by swerving left causing the driver to lose control and skidding left and right, finally rolling a couple of times and then coming to a stop about 100 meters (328 ft) down the road. As far as I’ve been able to read, there are no reports of deaths at this moment, just injuries sustained from the initial crash. The engine was smoking and one of the sons pulled out a fire extinguisher and dowsed the motor as a precaution.

[Source: M5Post via Schwäbische.de]