DTM racing fans out there will no doubt be getting restless, with the new 2012 DTM international touring car season only a mere few weeks away! One manufacturer which has really shone through in the history of DTM is German car firm Audi of 4-rings fame. Audi V8, TT and A4 model variants have won DTM titles in the past and this year it will be the firm’s A5 coupe which has the gauntlet laid down for it.

No less than an amazing 8 Audi A5 DTM cars will be let loose, from the usual suspects – the Phoenix, Rosberg and ABT Sportsline teams, all whom were heavily involved in developing and testing the new Audi A5 DTM car. These rather special machines will be put together at Audi Sport in Ingolstadt, Germany.

If you’re thinking that an A5 DTM car is simply a tweaked version of the standard car, you’re wrong. Approximately 4,000 individual parts make up an Audi A5 DTM car and it takes no less than 5 mechanics to assemble a single A5 DTM in just under two weeks.

First to be set up is the monocoque, before the front end and engine are installed, followed by the frontal crash safety structure and the back-end, which incorporates the car’s clutch, gearbox/transmission and safety features, which are all harmonised with the A5 DTM’s chassis. Extreme care and minute accuracy are required to get the job right.

Everyday average kinds of cars also comprise thousands of component parts, too. You’d be surprised. Anything from a supermini or a family saloon/sedan car, up to an estate/station wagon or SUV will contain a plethora of mechanical parts. That’s before you even start to think about all the electrical cabling, components and equipment. So it’s no wonder that cars can and do go wrong and break down sometimes. This is why it makes sense to have a robust used car warranty policy protecting your car in case one of its thousands of components fails.

Obviously in a racing tournament like the DTM, speed is of the essence, so the engineers and mechanics go to great lengths in pre-assembling components ready for any failures which occur during a race. So when does all the excitement begin? April the 29th in Hockenheim is the answer. It sounds like it will be an exciting DTM season!