A young up-and-comer, Nick Rogers, went to the Detroit Auto Show -NAIAS- this year, and the new 50th Anniversary Shelby Mustangs really stuck out for him.

Shelby American hits 50 years old this year, and to celebrate an occasion not too many cars made by the bigger boys can muster, Shelby is making Anniversary Edition Mustangs based on their already stout, performance-oriented cars.

Few distinguishable changes made from their GT500 Super Snake, GT350 and GTS Mustangs make them worth the anniversary badge.

Changes such as unique VINs, different interiors, custom 50th Anniversary badges, 6-Piston brakes up front, and custom wheels. Other than those changes, everything else remains stock…well, as stock as Shelby’s come. The Super Snake still has the option of a measly 650 horsepower, more muscular 750 horse, or the full boat, reeking of masculinity, 800 horsepower in coupe or convertible form. Price is set at $59,995 on top of the price of a standard GT500 Mustang. The same goes for the GT350 and GTS models. The GT350 has the option of 430, 525 or 624 horsepower, remaining the mid-level Shelby option at a base package price of $59,995, plus the cost of a Mustang GT.

However, if one can’t afford either of these options, as an entry level to the Shelby brand, the GTS is available. Base package price of the GTS is $19,995 on top of a standard V6 Mustang, or $24,995, plus the price of a GT.

Also, the unique VIN included on the 50th Anniversary, Shelby enters them into their own official registry. Only 50 Anniversary Editions of each model in both white or black will be made.

May I say, these changes amount to one of the most bad-ass looking ‘Stangs to hit the market. However, most of the people to buy these, unfortunately, are of the mindset of letting the car gather dust in the garage, bringing it out once a year to a car show and then selling it twenty years down the road for insane money; only to have the car live the same life as a show piece.

“A 50-year Anniversary only comes around once in life. These limited edition Shelby’s will mark that milestone for a select few who have a chance to own a piece of history,” said John Luft, Shelby American President.

These beautiful pieces of Americana are sure to be respected by all, but only truly loved by few. Let’s be hopeful those lucky few use these cars for what they are made for: to kill everything on and off the track, and to put the biggest grin on the faces of the driver of these fantastic cars, as well as the driver of the car you inevitably will pass.