So I’m sitting here watching the 2011 World Series (still pissed, as usual, that my Orioles can’t even make the playoffs), and all of a sudden I see the new Chevrolet Centennial advertisement featuring Ray Charles doing the greatest version of “America The Beautiful” anyone could ever here.

Chevrolet, as part of the 100 year anniversary, are playing a series of advertisements showing off the 1911-2011 Chevrolet Centennial, and they may have just made the best ad I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Okay, here’s what makes this commercial beyond brilliant.

Firstly: Ray Charles is a safe play. He’s one of the greatest musical minds we’ve ever seen. He was bigger than The Beatles, and potentially the greatest musician we’ll ever see. He’s American soul in a blind, black package. He’s the definition of what you can achieve in this country. If you don’t like Ray Charles then you’re just a douche, that’s as simple as it it can get. He was blind, black and played white-country music in the time of segregation; and he made it successful in every genre he played in: Blues, Soul, R&B, Country, Rock, Jazz. You name it, he could do it. So again, he’s perfect for this ad.

Secondly: “America The Beautiful” allows the person watching to remember that GM is still an American car company with American car culture, hence Chevy’s new slogan, “Chevy Runs Deep.”

Thirdly: They used the part where Ray Charles sings “God done shed his grace on thee…” This will absolutely go a long way for the Christian community in America. It certainly made me happy to hear…

Fourthly: It’s just a great way of showing how you’ve been here for 100 years.

I have to say, the marketing members who created this commercial deserve one hell of a pat on the back. Congratulations, and I wish you luck with it. It certainly made me like Chevrolet that much more.