If you’re under 30, then you’ve most likely heard the term ‘your team’ shouted at you while one of your friends sees something ridiculous. Now what exactly does the term ‘your team’ mean? Well, think of it as having to choose from the fattest, worst players to play kickball on your team during 3rd grade. It wasn’t a pretty sight, was it? This is the equivalent to the same thing, except for moronic half-adults.

Lately I’ve been seeing some rather incredibly stupid things on cars, and it’s been troubling, if I’m honest.

First on the list is a 2003 British Green Jaguar S-Type 4.0-liter V8. How did I know it was a 2003? Because the plates said, and I’m not kidding, “JAG 03”. This guy was also trying to show me up on the highway while I was driving my M3… But there was a day when I thought the Jag S-Type was cool, too. Unfortunately, it was right around 2003 that I realized that it really wasn’t.

Second here is the Foss V6 Mustang. I say Foss, because it has fake Boss stickers. Oh, and did I mention it was a V6? It was also an autotragic with cloth seats. It’s owned by a very fat and ugly girl whose boyfriend appears to think he’s the next Eminem, except without the talent, and whiter.

This one just makes me ask, “W-t-f?!” Why would you put your foot out the window with the potential risk of an accident that would, without a doubt, take your leg? So uh, yeah, don’t do this one, folks.

I was driving around yesterday when I saw this Mercedes-Benz ML    30 AMG. The moronic couple driving it didn’t seem to realize that there’s no such thing as the ML 30 AMG. What’s worse is that Mercedes didn’t even make an AMG ML Class SUV until 2000 (the ML debuted in 1998), and it was the ML55 AMG. As you can see, there’s no AMG rear body work, the number 30 is way too far right, and the wheels are standard ML fare.

Each and every one of these cars is on your team! Have any ‘automotive your team’ photos you’d like to share?