Someone has a brand new insurance check to, hopefully, buy a new Porsche…

As you can see in the photo above, someone got real unlucky, Jack. During a storm in Outer Banks, NC, a Porsche Cayman S paid the ultimate sacrifice for being left outside, all alone. At least it was an ugly color, and hopefully it was an autotragic that got water logged and not a manual tranny. However, it did have Sport Chrono Package, so I’m guessing it was a *real* Porsche and not a Tiptronic model.

Well, hopefully the owner was able to get their money from the insurance company to pay off the current model -if they owed anything- and go out and buy a new baby. Another Porsche, I’m hoping.

This is a classic example on why you need a garage, even at your beach home. Or, GET OUT of your home before the storm comes, dummy. I mean, you’ve got a Porsche Cayman S; even if it is an ugly color. Such a shame to see a nice sports car be washed away.

Take a look at the pictures taken by Daniel Pullen for this “sandy Porsche”, and also take a look at his interesting photo blog entitled Digital Dumpster.

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