Get 50% off AA software through Lutz Performance and vote for my friend in the contest!

If you’re a BMW owner, or even just a fan of cool BMWs, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Lutz Performance out of Tampa, FL. Some of my friends actually work for them.

Now, Lutz Performance has a really cool contest going on that gives you 50% off an Active Autowerke software for your BMW, or the Bimmer of your choice. And if you’re not familiar with the aftermarket tuning company AA (Active Autowerke), then just leave now, please. Goodbye.

Anyway, you can enter the contest with your own BMW by clicking the “Like” button on the Facebook page for Lutz Performance and sending them a picture and some information about your car.

However, while I’d like for you to throw your car in the ring, I’m also going to ask that you vote for my buddy, Jeff Brown (Diabetic Jeff in the contest) and his 1995 E36 M3. And to vote for him, simply go to this link and hit the “Like” button on his picture post (you have to “Like” Lutz Performance first, though) to help him win 50% off some custom Active Autowerke software from Lutz Performance.

As Jeff said to me, “The software would complete my mod list and finish my M3.” So please go help out my friend and, again, just “Like” his actual picture on the Lutz Performance Facebook page.