Queue the cheesy, late-night Skinemax porn music, because according to a new survey, the car is the hottest place for your summer of love. As a car guy, this is good news. It just means that girls and guys alike still find cars to be a turn-on. Automobiles can be sexy, but now they’re the sexiest to do your horizontal mambo. Although I’d recommend bigger cars with lots of interior space. It may be a tad more difficult in something, say, the size of a MINI Cooper Coupe?

The study, conducted by StrategyOne for Trojan condoms, was done back in March of this year, and the answers and percentages were as follows:

So it’s that time of year when the convertibles are down, the ladies are lookin’ good, and the beach is warm. So go on out there and have a damn good and safe time, those are your orders from Dr. Autos himself. That’s me, by the way.

[Source: USA Today via Autoblog]