Everyone is all over the social media websites these days. Whether it’s a free blog from WordPress, Google, tumblr, etc. it’s a YouTube account where they upload pretty pointless videos all day long. Or it’s Facebook with their dumb and ridiculous posts and likes every 13 seconds. And then it’s all down to Twitter and how much they can tweet throughout the day.

Ugh, it presents a problem for guys like me who just enjoy writing about cars… But we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and now I’m doin’ the tumblr thing. Why? Because this one I actually like. I find it enjoyable that I don’t have to type out a 500 word article every day. I can reblog some awesome automotive pictures that someone else has posted, as well as adding my own.

So you guys should check us out on tumblr! If you get lost at any time and need to find us, just plug in rawautos.tumblr.com, or you can just look for the tumblr widget on the right side of our site and you’ll see what we’ve recently posted. The good news about this is that you’ll be able to follow up on RawAutos all day long. We’ll be on there posting tons of car pictures throughout the day with little messages throughout. And because we don’t post here every day, we’ll be doing that over there.

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