So I’m bored right now and don’t really know what I feel like writing about. So I thought, why write, why not just post funny automotive pictures? Well, for years and years, and years now, I’ve been collecting hundreds, if not thousands, of funny demotivational pictures about automobiles and the interesting cultures that surround them.

It’s the problem you have when you’ve belonged to more than 20 or 25 automotive forums. I belong to so many that I’ve seriously lost count and can’t remember all of the ones I’ve frequented over the years. So without further ado, here are the best and funniest automotive pictures I’ve collected since I was 18.

As a disclaimer, I have nothing against women drivers, and I also have nothing against the Police. I’m not racist nor do I hate rednecks. These pictures are meant for entertainment purposes and are there to make people laugh… I do, however, strongly dislike ricers. But don’t fret, I make fun of American, German and Japanese cars with these pictures.

Thank you and enjoy the photos: