One of my favorite designs any car designer can employ on an automobile to make it even more sexy and emphatic is the art of the Shooting-Brake.

A Shooting-Brake is a design most associated with a 2-door wagon style car with a squared off rear-end and door. It can be a four-door car, but typically is not. The all-new Ferrari FF is a true Shooting-Brake. Thank you, Ferrari!

When we first saw the FF, the world was shocked and awed that Ferrari had gone and done the unthinkable. The design was like no Ferrari car ever before it, and now with all-wheel drive, people couldn’t believe there were two major firsts in the lifetime of the Maranello based company on one car. Now it’s a reality.

So check out the two videos below and sit back and drool at the automotive perfection that is the Ferrari FF. The first video is a new one from Ferrari featuring some amazing soundtrack work, and the second is the 53:16 long press conference reveal of the car just a few days ago ahead of the Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: Ferrari]