GM has been hard at work to try and turn their ‘Government Motors’ appeal around to something more positive, and by the looks of things from the Super Bowl, they did so. Except for a few.

When Joel Ewanick was hired by General Motors away from Hyundai, his first bit of bidness was to get rid of the same old, crappy ‘I love my American GM car’ type of advertisement. So take a look at these ads and tell us what you think. A few are great, I’ll say.

The Bumblebee Camaro ad is hysterical and brilliant. The Silverado Tommy one is funny and shows the truck in a good light that can do all without fail. The Cadillac CTS-V spot is very well done, too. Tim Allen’s voice for Chevrolet is perfect, as is Laurence Fishburn’s for Caddilac’s. Two of the best speaking voices with perfect timing.

However, with all of the greatness of some of the ads, the Chevy Cruze is a huge disappointment ad wise, at least to me. I’ll let you watch it first, and then you can read two great posts I saw on Twitter. And even though I’m not the biggest fan of the Volt hype, the commercial is smart, and it works.

Howard Stern (Yes, that Howard Stern) posted on Twitter:

A talking facebook car? can’t wait to hear a message from a girl who wouldn’t bang me in high school as I crash into a wall.

And another user, Kevin McCauley wrote:

That’s a big leap to assume that people buying a Chevy Cruze have friends.

So what say you, huh? Let us know in the comments below.