Automotive News recently caught up with the newly appointed CEO of Porsche AG, Matthias Mueller, and asked him a few questions. The questions ranged from electric Porsche, to yearly sales goals, and even a 550 Spyder successor.

Other questions asked were about the upcoming 997 911 replacement in the fall of this year, as well as a belief that Porsche can see growth of 150,000 sales at around 2015. For reference, Porsche sold around 97,000 cars in 2010. Hopes are to increase 911 production and sales to about 30,000 units per year. One thing Mr. Mueller also mentioned, surprisingly, is that Porsche plans to have a new model roll out each year. That’s both shocking and awesome.

Another interesting this about electrified Porsches… But I can’t give everything away! The most interesting thing to me, however, was the question and answer below:

When asked what his plans were for 2014, Mueller replied,

For 2014, I could imagine a legitimate successor to the Porsche 550 — namely, a small midengine sports car. Actually, I couldn’t imagine a better name for a small roadster like that than the 550. But we’re just in the assessment phase.

[Source: Automotive News]