James May, the lovable, OCD presenter of Top Gear in the UK, best known as Captain Slow, has written a rather interesting article for the British newspaper, the Telegraph.

In the article, May goes into why he hates Top Gear US, which seems to be a potential publicity stunt to make Top Gear UK fans feel better about enjoying the US version. But in all reality, I think he’s actually doing it because he believes the show can work, if only the jackasses watching it would just shut the hell up and give the show time. However, the show can work even better if the producers of the UK show get the hell out of the picture and hire people that are worth the time and money to make a US version work.

Anyway, I can rant on this topic for hours and hours. Why? Because I know I’m right, and all of the writers/journalists/hacks out there who are hating on the show now seemed to love the show at the Las Vegas premier. Funny, give a journalist or writer a free crap, and they’ll love what you got. Opinions? Only good talking points that were given to them. But when they get back to their laptops and computers in their homes, they sure do have a lot of crap to say.

Okay, for real, that’s the last rant… for now.

James May gives a great reason why you should tune in and watch. He also says why he personally loves it.

[Source: Telegraph]