Okay, so it’s a little late in the day. If you’re on the east coast like me, well, you’ve got a little under 30 minutes to live it up. If you’re on the west coast, live it up!

But I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas today, and hopefully we all got what we wanted. So Merry freakin’ Christmas.

If you are of any other faith, then I hope you’ve had a wonderful Holiday season, and I wish you more to come in the new year.

I also hope and pray that anyone out there drinking is having a great time, but not intending on driving home. Remember, we need all of the auto enthusiasts out there to remain alive. Plus, it would really suck for anyone to die on a beautiful day. We’re currently getting snow here in North Carolina, for the second time in a few weeks… abnormal as it may be.

Anyway, Have a good one all!

[Picture taken from: Million Face]