Denis Malevanyi drives around the Nürburgring as his job. He’s a professional racing driver and instructor. And one thing he does best is instructing people on how to race The ‘Ring.

In a video posted online, Denis takes a crack at showing the differences between real ‘Ring driving versus the simulation world on Gran Turismo 5. It’s an interesting way of looking at how real Gran Turismo 5 can be when played right. There are a few things, however, that stick out as unrealistic: the gear changes recommended by the game don’t seem to match up to what you can actually maintain, at least from what you see on the screen. Also, the angle of the steering wheel during major corners looks a bit off. Other than that, it looks and appears to be realistic. You can see this by watching the speed that the trees go by on both sides of the car during both parts of the video. It matches up very well, if not perfectly.

Jump in with Malevanyi and go for a ride in Gran Turismo 5, and real life, all at the same time. A comprehensive review of the game from the perspective of RawAutos is coming soon… Also, do keep in mind that Denis is dealing with traffic in the real life video, so that’s why he seems to lag behind the game version at times.

[Source: YouTube]