0-60 magazine, arguably the best American car magazine has unfortunately, and unofficially, been shelved by its parent company, Harris Publications. The magazine was a mere 3 years old.

God, this sucks… I remember getting my first issue of 0-60 and thinking, “This is our modern day Car and Driver from the ’70s.” I finally felt as though we had a real ‘Merican magazine that could stand up and compete against the likes of Car and evo over in the U.K.

Mike Spinelli, Editor-in-Chief of 0-60 magazine, said in a tweet earlier today:

So, I kind of need a job. #zerotosixty #RIP

Again, like I said, this sucks. One of the best magazines in the world, the one who cared less about corporate automotive sleaze, and more about photography, good writing, less rules, and interesting features that always made you laugh, cry, and walk away wondering if it could really be done.

They were such a good magazine that they even featured reviews and articles by evo master Chris Harris different issues.

Anyone feel like signing a petition to get 0-60 back on the shelves? Or maybe buy the magazine and start it all over again ourselves?

As someone who has been inspired by the magazine, the crew, and especially Mike, my condolences go out to them. Here’s to you, guys!