Michael Schumacher (L) attempts to educate Eric Clapton (R) on music

It’s not everyday that I get to tell my automotive family that Eric Clapton is my personal hero. Not just because I’m a blues/rock musician, but also for the life he’s led. I’ve read his autobiography one too many times to even account for, and I’ve known of his automotive passion for some time now. He was once pulled over in France for doing 134 mph in his 996 Porsche 911 Turbo. He was ticketed and lost his license that minute. His assistant had to come and pick him up. He regained his driving license in the country by going through the proper diplomatic channels.

He’s Eric Clapton, for God’s sake. He’s one of the greatest musicians ever, and he’s my favorite guitarist. His music and passions have empowered my personal and musical lives as well as my journeys.

In the video below Eric speaks to Stefano Lai, the Communications Director for Ferrari S.p.A. It is a wonderful conversation about the passions that Clapton holds for Ferrari’s road cars, their history in racing and his friendship and love for Felipe Massa.

I don’t think that I can stress enough my personal admiration for this man. The weird truth of the matter is that, family and friends are shocked if I don’t bring his name up at least once in a conversation or musical fact throughout the day. So as you can tell, it feels great to finally share something to showcase Clapton’s love for auto racing and cars in general.

[Source: Youtube via Ferrari.com]