Bob Long on the left with Motor Trend writer, Todd Lassa
Bob Long on the right with Motor Trend writer, Todd Lassa, on the left

While I was out in Los Angeles for the 2009 LA Auto Show, I met a lot of people that have influenced me and been the inspirations to want to do what I do. I hung out with Matt Farah and the crew from Fast Lane Daily -all of whom I’ve met before- for Matt’s Birthday. I met Charlie Vogelheim and Josh Hancock, two people that are apart of the hosting team for Car and Driver Radio with Alan Taylor, a show I listen to frequently. I also met one of my favorite former Road and Track writers, Kim Wolfkill. In fact, Charlie was very instrumental in towing me around and introducing me to people that, in many ways, will help to secure the future of

But I met two people that have really helped to shape who I am as a writer and a future radio talk show hopeful; Matt Stone of Motor Trend magazine, and Bob Long of Motor Trend Radio. I mentioned to Bob and Matt that I wanted to start a radio show for RawAutos and proceeded to ask them their personal opinions and advice, and while talking to Bob, he offered to have me on his show this past Sunday called, AutoWorld Radio.

Well, to say the least, I enjoyed the hell out of it! And I really hope to do it again with Bob some time. Also, stay tuned for more information that I will be providing you about the Podcast radio show I’ll be bringing you with guests including, my brothers and friends who are into cars, professional racing drivers, critics in the industry, other automotive writers and personalities, etc. Until then, check out my guest appearance on AutoWorld Radio.

You can fast forward to about a quarter of the way through the audio to hear me introduced.

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“Happy Motoring!”