This is something I talked about when I was writing for BMW Blog. And then BMW came out and said that they weren’t going to make a CSL version of the E92 M3, even though there had been spy shots of it running around the Nürburgring. While others believed BMW, I knew that they had to be lying… I mean, how else would they be able to compete with the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS?


But, since BMW seems to be pretty serious about its M3 racing in different series’ around the world, could this be a production model of the M3 GT4 that raced this past year at the Nürburgring 24 hours race? Possibly. At least that’s what some people seem to think since they believe that when BMW says they won’t make something, it’s a definitive answer on the subject.


Still, though, whether this is a GT4 street version, a CSL or a GT4 racer for private customers to buy, we’ll just have to wait and see. Also, they say this model very well may have KERS on it… That would be interesting.

So what do you guys think? Is it a CSL? Is it just a production version of the GT4 racer for the European market to race? Or is it something else?

Whatever it is, it’s probably only available in M-DCT, which is sad. My message to BMW is, BUILD IT AS A CSL!!! As much as I love BMW being heralded as a green company, I want some sports cars back on their dealership floors with manual transmissions. I’m tired of all the paddle shift crap.



“Happy Motoring!”

[Source: BMWBlog via MotorAuthority and M3Post]