Matt Farah, the man behind Garage419 has left, along with the cast, to work on something new to reflect more where they wanted the show to go. The new site is The Smoking Tire. A blend of the style of Garage419, but with a new flare.

Apart from being one of the best automotive hosts, Matt is a really nice guy. The first time I met him at the L.A. Auto Show last year, he was not some guy that hosted a famous web show. He was just a regular guy who loves cars, and he comes across like that every time I talk to him. I wish him and the guys the best of luck. I’ve been a big fan of Farah and the guys since I first started watching Garage149. Now I’ll be a dedicated fan to The Smoking Tire. Whatever Matt Farah does, and the crew from Garage419, will be gold. So they have no worries.

As of right now, there is only a YouTube channel, but the new website should be up sometime soon. Until then, check out the new video of Matt and the Ford F-150 Raptor that he took out to BullRun 2009.


“Happy Motoring!”