It’s so hard to get Top Gear videos these days from anywhere with copyright laws playing so much of a part. The BBC has taken down pretty much every series of videos that shows each episode in a chronological order. And if they haven’t, they’ve pretty much scared everyone to only upload bits and pieces of the show… Well, I’d love to have a talk with the BBC as an American Top Gear fanatic. Once they start making all of their episodes available to us to watch and post up for others to see, they’re being a part of the problem and not helping us with a solution.

When will America get a break and get a good car show to watch?

Well, anyway, this is the latest episode of the 13th series of Top Gear. In this show you’ll see some interesting bits. You’ve got the guys setting out to find the best car to buy and insure for a 17-year old British boy. Trick is, they’ve only got 2,500 pounds to get a car and insure it… Second up you have Richard taking the new Lamborghini LP670-4 SV, or Super Veloce, which he incorrectly says Sport Veloce and spells it on the track board SP, in the desert of Egypt street racing a McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722 from light to light. The star in a reasonably priced car is a gentlemen by the name of Stephen Fry. And last but not least, Richard, still in the desert, does a real world evaluation of a Bugatti Veyron versus a 13-year old McLaren F1. That last one gets really interesting. I’ll post an article about that later once you guys have watched it.

Until then, enjoy!


“Happy Motoring!”