The other day I posted the first episode to the latest Top Gear series, and in there is a race in the desert between a 1993 McLaren F1 and a brand new Bugatti Veyron. Did you watch it? You better have… Here’s the video, just in case.

Now that you’ve watched it, let’s just recap here. A 16 year old car had the 987hp, 252mph top speed Bugatti up past the 1/4 mile. After that, the Veyron caught up and won. But not by much.

Which would you rather have? Me, personally, I’d still take the McLaren. It is what it is. It’s not an automatic gearboxed, grand tourere that’s owned by everyone who wants to make some sort of “I’m rich” type of statement. The F1 is for those who truly love and understand driving. It was created by Gordon Murray, houses a BMW engine, and McLaren’s racing technology that they’ve developed over the years.

People love the Bugatti because it’s easy to drive. Put it in gear, drive around the club scene, and watch as everyone’s jaws drop. Not my style. The McLaren F1, however, is. Put your foot on the clutch, start it up, put it in gear, and roll with it. Drive it to the race track and watch as everyone loses to you, provided you know how to drive it.

The Bugatti does over 250mph in a straight line. The McLaren does a little over 240mph. Don’t forget, it’s 13 years old by comparison. I’ll take something that’s been race proven, street credibility proven, and worth just as much as a brand new Veyron. I’m a man, and I like my cars to have as many pedals as I do legs…

I am in no way bashing the Bugatti Veyron, though. Not one bit. It’s proven itself to be one of the best out there. It has some of the best engineering ever seen in a car. But, I just believe that if you didn’t make it to race, or be in a racing circuit, what’s the point? I don’t always care about standing out looking cool to others. And it seems that today’s popular society, built up of pop stars and rappers, wants to just show off and be visible from a mile. I know most of your stuff is rented, so don’t try and impress me.


“Happy Motoring!”