priusdrivershot.jpgNo, I’m not going to sit here and say that you should kill Prius drivers, because that would be wrong. But, they should be shut up in some way or another… Don’t shoot them, though. I endorse no harmful actions against Prius’s and their drivers.

So, now that we have that stuff out of the way, have you ever been verbally abused by some Prius driver, or family of drivers, that just tell you this and that and this and that about their damn car? Yeah, I have, too. I can’t stand that! Sure, I have nice discussions, sometimes debates and arguments about sports cars and off-road vehicles, but when it comes to the “green” cars… I don’t really care about which one has this and which one does that! Yes, if I were to buy a hybrid, it would most likely be a Ford Fusion Hybrid. They look good, seem to drive well, and, well, it’s not a Toyota. I like Ford products better. They seem to actually drive like real cars instead of some computer thing that regards me as a moron that knows nothing. That’s exactly the way I feel Toyota builds their cars. The driver knows nothing, but that computer inside knows all that you don’t.

Well, anyway… Here is a great video with Andy Richter and Adomain doing probably the funniest sketch I’ve ever seen in my entire life! This is old school SNL type stuff. That is how funny it is. The ending will shock you, too.

Video after the jump.


“Happy Motoring!”