Well, I don’t know if it was the Audi and Hyundai Super Bowl commercials, or what. But, before 8pm, and well after, my inbox was FLOODED! with e-mails for the 2008 RACotY Awards. So, to add up the rest of the votes, I’m going to need a few more hours… Sorry for the postponement. It really is about 500 or more new e-mails. That’s to go along with over 1,000 that I had already gotten. You’ll be shocked, too! Since I’ve started redoing the numbers with the new arrivals, I’ve noticed a pretty sizable shift for certain cars, up and down. Some got knocked out of the top that I’m pretty upset about, and some got thrown up to the top that I’m pretty excited about. 

You’ll never guess who wins… I’ll leave it at that.

You forgive me? Well, you’re going to have to… Because…well, you just have to. 


“Happy Motoring!”