BREAKING NEWS: 2008-09 Bullitt Mustang is 2010 Mustang!!!

I just got back from my overnight trip to Dearbon, Michigan to play with Ford’s new 2009 model lineup and technologies on their test tracks and such. It was a great trip. Although, the greatest part of the trip was being told that the 2008-2009 Bullitt Mustang is the platform for the 2010 Mustang GT.

Basically what this means is the 3.73 Limited-Slip Differential rear-end, the suspension and chassis tuning and setup is the basis, if not identical, for the 2010 Mustang GT. So the Bullitt is actually a rolling research project. But that is also the bad news. The Bullitt has no Independent Rear Suspension. I asked if the 2010 Mustang would go against the Bullitt in this respect, and I was told, no! What Ford has in the Bullitt is what we will get in 2010. The IRS is just too costly they say…

Of course the 2010 Mustang will look drastically different (there were a few mules driving around the proving grounds), feel better and of more quality then the current Mustang.

After I was told this and then drove the Bullitt all day on the track and going from the 40th Anniversary Mustang GT to the Bullitt during a slalom course, there is no doubt the chassis and suspension are years ahead of the current Mustang GT. I knew there was a big difference when I first drove the Bullitt. But after driving both back to back on the track, you can tell there is something far superior with the Bullitt. This is why I really believe this information is 100% true, and not just some bogus info fed to me by a Ford project manager.

You heard it here first gang. Stick to RawAutos for more news about the 2010 Ford Mustang as I’m able to get it.


“Happy Motoring!”