Test Drive: 2008 Bullitt

I love my job, I really do. I get to cover all of the latest and greatest automotive topics, speak my outspoken mind, and best of all, play with cars all day every day. Thank you for always reading and staying tuned.

Thanks to my brother, Jason, I got the opportunity to drive the brand new 2008 Bullitt Mustang. I have always been a fan of Steve McQueen and the movie Bullitt. The car is an icon with the man. Jason is a salesman for Tom Smith Ford in Lillington, NC. Tom Smith also happens to be a close friend of our family, as well. You may have read my review of Jason’s 2008 Mustang GT, and my rant on why BMW was the greatest in my eyes, where I list Jason as my biggest automotive influence.

For this week, I decided to do something a little different and see how you guys liked it. I test drove the Bullitt on camera, and thought that instead of writing an article, you guys could just hear and watch. I hope you guys enjoy it.

There are 3 videos in total, the one of my test drive, the exhaust note and a vehicle walk around.

Just a few things I forgot to mention in the video, the rev limiter has been raised to 6,500 RPM over the GT’s 6,000 RPM limiter and the GT seats were switched to the GT500 seats. The suspension has been re-tuned along with a lesser weight hood. The front brake pads have been changed to Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads.

To quickly correct myself, the movie Bullitt came out in 1968 with a 1968 Mustang GT 390. Just as a reference, the 3.73:1 rear end is the same one used for the GT500 KR. So it is that damn good, and the seats are straight out of the GT500. They really worked hard to make this one hell of a Mustang.

The exhaust sounds that good due to the extra ponies in the engine, as well as the packed exhaust and 3.5 inch tips. It sounds even better in and around the car in person.

I keep saying chrome around the front grill, it is actually a satin finish. And the shifter is an aluminum ball. Also, it is actually a 2008, not an 09. I just kept thinking MY09.

Thanks to my brother Jason and Tom Smith Ford for trusting me with the Bullitt Mustang for the day. If you have any questions about this Bullitt Mustang, or any other Ford vehicle, especially trucks, please contact Jason Lewis with Tom Smith Ford locally at 910-814-2243 or toll free at 1-877-601-3673.


“Happy Motoring!”