Right after I posted all of the new information about Top Gear on here, just moments ago, I took a look at Autoblog, and they reported on an interview with Adam Carolla in Popular Mechanics.

Popular Mechanics recently sat down for an interview with the new lead host of the NBC version of Top Gear. Adam talked about everything for the new show. It is a four page interview that does a great job at representing the issues that us Top Gear fans had. At one point Adam says “I can only tell you what they’ve told me thus far, and I’ll just take them at their word. Their mantra has been, ‘We’re going to do it exactly the same as they do it in England, and you’ll be able to say whatever you want about any car you like regardless of who makes it or if they sponsor the show or not.”

So, uh, yeah. I have officially become extremely excited about the U.S. version of Top Gear.

Adam also does a good job ripping into the movies where they present a cool car attitude, but that they really don’t know what the hell they are talking about. He also talks about his date with Jeremy Clarkson and discussing how Jeremy does it… Hmm… Interesting.

You can check out the whole interview at Popular Mechanics’ website. I think you guys will be as pleased as I was about the interview. Matt Sullivan, the writer, did a great job. Props to ya, buddy.


“Happy Motoring!”

Source: Autoblog via Popular Mechanics