I had posted this back in February of this year to tell everyone about Danica being in the swimsuit issue of SI this year. I bought the magazine, needless to say, and loved it. She looked great. I just thought that I would repost the information and pictures of her to commemorate her first win ever, that happened this season, and also because I think she is gorgeous.



“Happy Motoring!”

Danica Takes It Off For Us!


Danica Patrick. The woman. The Indy Racing Rookie of the Year in 2005. The young woman is now shining a little more sexy light on herself -not that she needs it- with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition de-clothing. Unfortunately for us, but fortunate for her husband, she keeps her bathing suit on. Still, Ms. Patrick strips out of her racing suit to reveal a nice white bathing suit underneath. Let’s put it this way, she can kick my ass on the racetrack anytime. So long as I get to go home with her. At 26 years old she is the youngest female Indy driver ever and the only female to ever lead the Indy 500. Some people give her crap for being a girl in racing, but I see no problem with this, especially since she is a talented driver and a beautiful woman.

Photos courtesy of: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/2008_swimsuit/danica-patrick/index2.html

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