This is something that we have all read about for the past few years. The great one from Spain (Fernando Alonso), the one that beat out the German perfection (Michael Schumacher) for the driver’s title two years in a row, was supposedly a Ferrari driver for the past season. This obviously was not the case, as Fernando Alonso was driving for McLaren-Mercedes, and Kimi Räikkönen was the number one man at Ferrari.

Now though, has the Spaniard dealing with Ferrari again. Only this time it seems that he has actually inked a deal that lands him at the hands of Scuderia Ferrari in 2010.

I for one never wanted Fernando at Ferrari. I like him as a driver, I think he is brilliant. I think he whines to much when he doesn’t win or get his way though… With that being said, who is out as a Ferrari driver? Kimi just won the championship and Felipe Massa is the absolute man. I love watching him drive and hear how excited he gets when he wins, places well, or even just makes it to a race. He holds the racing world to such high regard, as a Brazillian who looks to Ayrton Senna for heroism I can’t blame him. He seems to love it at Ferrari and Ferrari seems to love him. If you remember correctly, Massa was the only real Ferrari teammate to Schumi that Schumi didn’t mind teaching and lending a hand to. Now with Michael as the driving coach for Ferrari, I think Massa would be staying longer than any other.

Could Kimi be out? Not so fast. Even though Kimi doesn’t seem to have any desire for anything. As a Fin he isn’t really born with many emotions I think. Ferrari has done very well with Räikkönen since he started there. He is winning races and has scored his first title as a Ferrari driver. He and Massa both are always on eachothers heels.

What will happen with this? I personally love watching Kimi and Felipe battle it out with one another, but with that true modest respect for eachother. I don’t think that it would be that way if Alonso came on board. Just look at what he did when he was with McLaren and thought Lewis Hamilton was getting all of the press… Boo hoo!