Street Racing… It’s Never like the Movies

You know the feeling. The guy next to you is looking at you like you just killed his mother and wants revenge. The light turns green and you both take off, but wait it just doesn’t seem like the same fun adrenaline rush you see in the movies does it? Street racing is of course 100% illegal and I am not saying that I condone it in anyway what so ever, but I think we all know that sometimes it just happens. Realistically most of the time it isn’t really street racing as much as it’s just getting up to speed faster and backing off to reveal who won. I personally have never really been involved in anything I would consider street racing. Street racing is really just for guys who want to prove their might but either can’t back it up on the track or think they are bad ass in their little ricer cars.

The thing about racing on the street that makes it so much cooler than it actually is, is how we see it done in the movies. We’ve all seen Bullitt, Fast and the Furious, Redline, movies that show us crazy stunts that most if not all of the drivers in their sports cars could never really do. Personally FnF and Redline both sucked but Bullitt is of course the greatest movie to ever display a race/car chase on the street. Bullitt was done with a promise to the mayor of San Francisco that the Mustang and Charger in the movie would never exceed a 35 mph speed limit, but did exceed the limits, severely.

Street racing is something that should be left to the movies because it can never be that safe and fun. It may seem fun at the time to get your heart pumping and to feel like you are Mario Andretti or Steve McQueen at that moment, but then later you realize that it really wasn’t that great and you start to remember the things that almost went wrong if luck or God, whichever you believe more in, hadn’t of pulled your ass back before killing you or someone else.

Now I know what you are saying right now while looking at the screen, “Josh, you ass, you know damn well you have done the same thing at one point or another.” Yes I most certainly have gone my fair share of fast speeds and done crazy things in an automobile, almost all of which I think of now thanking God that I didn’t hurt or kill myself or someone else. Going fast feels good, burning tires feels bad ass and making someone see nothing but your taillights is a raw emotion that feels amazing. But it’s not meant for the road and it never will be. The truth is I have had friends die and/or get in lots of trouble because of something that feels so good.

It feels cool, and it brings a frenzy of emotions to you going through traffic or rushing down the road at higher speeds than normal, but it really isn’t what it seems like in your dreams or in the movies. If you have something to prove to the guy next to you invite him to the track and show him what you got. But until that point keep that shit off the streets and let the other guy waste his gas and money either getting arrested or crashing his car. It’s all fun and games until a mistake is made and someone loses something more valuable than bragging rights. I know I will still exceed the speed limit at times and get pissed off at some guy trying to prove that he is better than me, it’s human nature, but I know that I will always try to control myself and I know I can keep myself under wraps pretty well, can you?