Video: Car Journalist Reacts to Shitty Car Movies

We’ve all seen terrible movies, and there are plenty that have been made in all the years of filmmaking. However, I would say that the overall percentage of movies that are terrible, or even bad, is rather low. Yet, when it comes to movies that involve car, almost all of them are terrible, or at the very least bad.

The “Fast and Furious” franchise is bad, but some of the films are entertaining. “Redline”: terrible. “Need for Speed”? Yikes.

I’m honestly very tired of bad car movies, though. So, in this first installment of “Car journalist reacts”, I go through a few films and what annoys me with each one. There are plenty more films and scenes in movies and TV to cover, though. Stay tuned for the next hundred videos I’ll be making regarding this topic.

For now, enjoy this one. Don’t forget to follow RawAutos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and especially YouTube. Leave comments, or send me a tweet, to let me know of scenes you would like to watch me cover and laugh at.