I bought a 2015 Mustang GT Performance Package. I told everyone I needed a car with four doors and usable performance. Well… I got one of those things.


As some of you may recall, I called myself a douche when buying a personal car. Since April of this year I’ve been car shopping. After I sold my 997.1 911 Carrera S, I honestly had no idea what I actually wanted. I kind of slipped into an automotive depression. Too few cars actually were available at dealers with a manual gearbox, and the two cars I wanted to look at were nearly impossible to get into.

The Subaru WRX STI was my original choice as a brand new car. Sadly, every dealer in town sold each one before they got off the truck. Then there was one dealer that wanted a commitment of purchase, after checking my credit, me laying down $5,000, and signing paperwork to purchase the car, before I could test drive. Awesome! Except not.

Then there was the all-new, 2015 Ford Mustang. But I could only look at pictures…


Then, suddenly, Brian Makse sent me a text saying that I needed to buy the Mustang GT. With Recaros. He also said with cloth interior, but I disagreed. And so there I was, on October 14th, sitting in a dealer showroom ordering my car from Ford, my way. I got it in Guard, with the Performance Package, a 6-speed manual (of course), leather Recaros, navigation, enhanced security, everything. The only option I didn’t get was different color stitched interior.

The first Mustang I ever bought was a 2008 Bullitt, which I ended up loving a lot. I’m a big Steve McQueen fan, so every Mustang has to be green for me. And this Guard green doesn’t disappoint for me. Most people hate it in photos, but upon seeing it in person, they go crazy for it.

So I’ll just let you enjoy the photos for now, along with the video of the stock exhaust. I’ll be doing a full ownership review of Ali soon. Ali McGraw was the actress McQueen acted opposite in The Getaway. In fact, they would marry after the movie wrapped, too.

[Photos by Josh Lewis, Reba Hodge, and Corey Privette]