The 2014 BMW 435i M-Sport is a curious case. Why? Because it’s simply a 3-Series coupe but with 4-Series numbering to keep in-line with BMW’s new numbering scheme. Odd numbers are sedans while even numbers are their coupe versions… except with Gran Coupe trims for the 4 and 6-Series cars. It’s confusing, but that doesn’t take away from the 435i M-Sport being a really good car to drive on back roads. It’s comfortable, luxurious, but costs a decent bit of pocket change to roll into your garage.

It’s expensive, gorgeous to behold, and a perfectly done steering wheel, seat, and transmission. The 435i M-Sport is a perfect example of how German engineering makes a set of random set of numbers into a heart string tugging part of our lives.

But… is it worth the $57,225? Well, let’s find out:

A full host of great photos is soon to come.

[Photo by Corey Privette]