According to Machinima, General Motors are currently working on a new Batmobile for the upcoming Superman sequel that features Ben Affleck donning the Caped Crusader’s uniform. While GM had previously designed and built the Tumbler for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, they’re reportedly working on the new car, too.

Now this isn’t really surprising, seeing as which you always want something new and cool for a different movie. It’s also not shocking to me that General Motors are involved, because these days they’re trying to build a car for nearly every blockbuster (think Transformers). One thing to remember is that Christopher Nolan is the producer and co-writer of the current Superman franchis, and since he did the Batman movies… he has a pretty good relationship with the folks over at GM’s Advanced Design Studios.

How true is this? Well, seeing as which Machinima have more than 9.84 million subscribers and upwards of 4.6 billion video views, I’d take it as a credible and reliable source. If you’ve never heard of them, then, uh, I guess you’re not much of a gaming or superhero nerd.

Anyway, check out the YouTube clip below to hear more about the cowl that Ben Affleck will be wearing, along with a tiny tidbit about GM’s involvement in the new flick’s Batmobile. I’m really curious what it’ll look like…

[Source: Machinima via YouTube]