There are thousands of disabled individuals in the UK and the need for wheelchair accessible vehicles is rising each day. In fact, there are various manufacturers who can now produce wheelchair vehicles. Disabled people can now have the chance to own a vehicle that is specifically manufactured according to their needs. This will offer freedom to most disabled individuals and convenience to families who takes care of them. They can now travel to any destination without the need to hire a private ambulance. It’s also more comfortable to travel in wheelchair vehicle, because it’s more spacious and better equipped to secure the wheelchair in one place.

Basically, there are different types of wheel chair accessible vehicles and this will include the following:

• Wheelchair accessible minibuses – Wheelchair minibuses are commonly bought by public transportation operators for business purposes. This vehicle is capable of transporting 20-30 disabled people at one time. Minibuses are good for field trips, conventions or group therapy sessions which are usually attended by disabled individuals.

• Wheelchair vans and cars – These types of wheelchair vehicles are used for personal transportation. They can carry at least 1-2 wheelchairs depending on the size of the car or van. This particular vehicle is great for families who have a disabled family member.

• Wheelchair cabs – Wheelchair accessible taxis are often seen in London and cab operators have invested a lot of money on these vehicles to cater to the needs of disabled people in the city.

So, if you’re planning to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it’s essential for you to look for a qualified supplier or manufacturer in the market. The most accessible way is to search for them on the Internet. Some companies can even convert your current vehicle into a wheelchair accessible car or van. Although, you will need to check if they are the best company to convert your vehicle, so you need to ensure if they have the best people for this kind of job. You may also want to read the testimonials from their old clients, because this will give you an idea if they can really provide high quality service.

Credible suppliers like Allied Mobility have a group of “Mobility Consultants” who can offer home demonstrations. They can show you the types of wheelchair vehicles they offer and the capabilities of their vehicles. It would be wise to talk to these people and discuss with them your requirements, so you can be sure that you’re getting the vehicle that is suitable to your needs. Always remember, “Quality and Safety” are the most important factors that you need to consider. That’s why you need to check if their vehicle has followed the following safety requirements:

1. The vehicle must be tested to ensure that all safety components like wheelchair restraints and harnesses are manufactured according to safety standards.

2. It must have a ramp that can handle the weight of the wheelchair.

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