Magnus Walker is currently one of the most bad ass guys in the vintage car scene. He takes old 911s and customizes ’em his way…

And by his way, I mean he adds the best motor, body panels, interior bits, etc. of the 911s of that era. Magnus, who we also call the Urban Outlaw, personifies what a car guy really is. We’re obsessed with speed, cornering, building, taking apart, racing, and always developing our passions for cars.

In every video I’ve ever seen of Magnus Walker, all anyone asks him about is his personal collection of Porsches, Porsche 911s, and that’s it. With me, Magnus tells you his age, where he’s from, the collection of American Muscle cars he’s had, as well as the BMWs and Benzes he’d buy.

So watch and listen to what one of the most eclectic 911 owners talks about in this video, because you’ll be impressed with his attitude. And listen for the surprise comments about “32 Hours 7 Minutes” around 12:50, as well as the master of road rallying, Alex Roy.

Enjoy and share!

You can follow Magnus here, here, and watch his short documentary here.