What you’re about to witness is the exact way a Ferrari Enzo should be driven each and every day of its life. Why should it be driven this way? Because it’s an Enzo, and it only lives once. Why should you drive it this way? Because you bought a damn Ferrari, you jackass. Who in the hell buys a super car and doesn’t drive it? Oh wait, pretty much everyone these days. Pussies.

Sorry, I get a little frustrated when I think of cars that were created to do amazing things being cooped up and never living the wild lives they were intended to.

Anyway, go buy an Enzo and drive it this way, if you don’t have one already. If you can’t afford one, then just enjoy salivating at this video of a Ferrari Enzo and its owner doing things you’ll only fap to later.

[Source: Tax The Rich via YouTube]