There’s something to be said about racing history. Most people today don’t quite understand it. But ask a racing fan, someone who’s either lived the life in the racing community, dreamt of it, or just followed it to the point of obsession, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: The history of racing is just as important as most things we learn about in history books throughout our lives. Because of racing, we now have highway barriers, disc brakes, ventilated brakes, pretty much anything you can think of on your car right now, it came from developments made for racing purposes.

Our own Billy MacGillicuty sent me this video of post-WWII racing in America. It happened in Torrey Pines, a suburb of San Diego. Or, better known today as a Golfing community. Torrey Pines is about 2,600 acres worth of state reserves that are home to one of the most prestigious and beautiful Golf courses known to man. Anyway, I couldn’t care less about Golf, honestly. It’s a wonderful sport that I’m only marginal at, and the unknown acres of land that Golf courses sit on could be used for much more important things, in my opinion.

Torrey Pines became a Golfing area in 1957. Before it was a course, it served as Camp Callan, an Army anti-aircraft installation on the border of California at the Pacific Ocean. However, before it was shut down, some of the G.I.s who came back from The Great War brought back some special souvenirs: European sports cars. And while they were here, hey, why not race ’em, huh?

The video below is just that. You’ll notice a Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, what appears to be a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, and many other beautiful European gems that were very rare and hard to find here in the states at that time. So, interestingly, this is a great representation of post-war obsessions with racing. Only, there aren’t only left turns in this video. Sorry, I had to make one knock on NASCAR.

This is, Torrey Pines Racing. Enjoy!

[Source: “Snap” via YouTube]