In the video below you’ll see three things you won’t like, and two that you may or may not like, depending on the person watching. First you’ll see a Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder being driven by someone younger than you’d expect or probably want to see driving such a car. You’ll see the driver door of said Ferrari being repeatedly opened and potentially slammed into the passenger door of a taxi cab a number of times. Toward the middle of the video you’ll notice an overly skinny girlfriend of the Ferrari driver, who is supposedly Stephanie Pratt from The Hills (I honestly had no idea this show was still on the air or even cared about by anyone anymore). She is attractive in pictures, but not in this video. The overly skinny part is supposed to be one thing you won’t like.

The two things you may or may not chuckle at are the NYPD police officer who appears to have his left foot run over by the MTV posterboy in the captain’s chair of the 458 Italia, and then the subsequent removal of the young man by force and thrown on the rear hood of the Ferrari, and then to the ground. Personally, I had a nice ‘laugh out loud’ moment when the gentleman was thrown to the ground. The running over the cop’s foot just made me go ,”C’mon, really? You’re actually dumb enough to try and drive the car away when there’s an officer visibly in the way?” Hence my “LOL” after that point.

Now, let’s back up a bit and tell the story from the beginning. The YouTube user Damrys7 reports in the video’s caption that he witnessed the police officer writing a ticket to the Ferrari 458 Spyder parked in the valet lane of a NYC hotel. The car was supposedly allowed to be there, and the owner went and got the keys from the valet who in turn left to get a manager to talk to the cop. This is where it gets a bit ridiculous. The driver gets in the car, possibly believing that the officer would forget about writing the ticket once the Ferrari had magically disappeared. The NYPD officer then put the left side of this body against the front driver side fender/bumper area. The Ferrari driver tries to pull away and the cop tells him to stop a number of times, finally yelling, “You’re running over my f***ing foot!” This is when the first two paragraphs begin to take place.

But who’s in the right here? The two officers who throw the guy on the ground seem a bit excessive, but it’s obvious the driver was resisting the attempted removal from the driver’s seat. The driver did also proceed to try and drive away when told numerous times to stop. However, the cop did put his foot where a car’s tire usually goes: anywhere in front of where it was originally stationary.

There are two main issues here: The police officer didn’t have to put his body in front of the car, and could have easily gotten the tag number to call in the car if need be. On the other side of that, a cop is writing a ticket in regards to your car… you have no reason to move it. If it’s a bogus ticket, all you need is a written statement from the manager of the hotel and/or the valet to take to court to say that you were able to park in that area. That’s it, you’d get the ticket thrown out. But no, you had to go and be SuperDouche. Now both of these people are on the Internet to be commented on by 15-year-olds on summer break. The NYPD will also probably be getting a bill for door dings to be fixed…

[Video source: Damrys7 / Photo: Facebook]